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Our Philosophy

  • Our goal,is to enable you access to a wide range of top quality & classy stretch tents.
  • Our Vision, is to be the industry’s most preferred supplier through delivering only the best quality service and products while staying affordable.
  • Our Journey in the events and leisure industry is guided by a desire to ensure your happiness and a passion for design, elegance and exclusiveness.

Novazelte is a Hamburg based premium quality stretch-tent supplier founded in 2016 with a vision to revolutionize the world of events. We provide not only premium stretch tents but outdoor event staging essentials such as decor, lighting & furniture, thereby creating a unique atmosphere and memorable experiences.

Furthermore, you can experience our South African roots through our friendly and uniquely classy service as we expand into the German market. Due to a great demand we recently expanded into southern Germany, Schweinfurt, to be closer to our clients. We consult a great variety of weddings, engagement parties, corporate events as well as sports events within our market and ever expanding portfolio of clients.

To maintain our high standards we engage highly skilled staff consisting mostly of various nationalities, thus underlining our international roots and ambitions.
Novazelte does not only stand for a product simplicity – it’s our way of life. We are looking forward to realize your visions with you.

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"We are striving to become main supplier of high-class stretch tents in the market. We give our best to provide the best stretch tent options for a variety of events with unique and specific requirements!”