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The first impression is often the last. We want you to look back under one of our Sailcloth tents for years after a party and find the same words as you did when you first saw our pictures: Majestic. Luxurious. Splendid.

With the Sailcloth tents and our individual planning, sketching and implementation, we offer you a new, magnificent way of designing your celebration. The sight of these lavishly high tents with the protruding flags, the symmetrical arrangement of the posts and the light, translucent fabric will not only take your breath away in the evening sky. With a sailcloth we offer our extraordinary customers an extraordinary atmosphere. Regardless of whether you want to host a classy dinner or douse a company anniversary appropriately – our Sailcloth tents are made for your unique taste and specifications!

Small: max. 14m x 19m

Medium: max. 14m x 26m

Large: max. 14m x 31m

Technical Information

Quality is always our top priority. The Sailcloth tents we use consist only of the highest quality material that is currently available on the market. The main component is polyester-based canvas, which is covered on both sides with a PVC layer to ensure high resistance and thus longevity. However, it is even more important for you that the canvas is waterproof and more dirt-repellent than uncoated products(ProSail™ II).

Furthermore, the Sailcloth tents we use have the European M2 fire protection certificate and are therefore considered to be flame retardant. We can also present the corresponding construction book, which allows the erection and use of this special type of tent.

Available Sizes:

We offer the Sailcloth tents in three different sizes – small, medium and large. The sizes are based on approximate empirical values of how many people you can accommodate there. However, we will always help you with the planning, design and professional sketching of your celebration under our Sailcloth tents – just contact us for an individual consultation!

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