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What We Do

We supply top quality and elegantly designed stretch tents that enable you to realise your dream wedding!

Fabricated with 100% waterproof, stretchy and versatile material, our stretch tents can be easily free-formed into pre-designed shapes creating elegant structures that maintain stability even in heavy windy conditions. Depending on your requirements, the tents can be stretched down to ground level on either side so that you and your guests and protected from both weather and views – enjoy your special moment in a covered and private atmosphere!

We create a private, personal, cosy and festive atmosphere, ideal for your event and guests’ unique requirements. Furthermore, we provide wooden flooring if needed, as part of our stretch tent rental package options – simply get in touch to find out more.

We advise and consult with you from the very beginning. With our main office in Hamburg and a regional branch near Schweinfurt, we service and supply to nearby and far flung areas, accessing them within a short space of time and at a low-cost.

The stretch tents are built up by our highly skilled team, so that you can focus on your event. We always perform flexibly and remarkably while being in close agreement with you at any time.

We uphold the highest standards of service quality and strive to bring out the best in every event ensuring the ultimate realisation of the dream wedding you envisioned.


Wedding Tents

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